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About Options Locator

Many of you know him as Options Locator (Nate), but his family knows him as Nathan. He has been trading stocks since 2007 when he would trade during his lunch break while in the Marine Corps. Since then, he has been trading stocks and options (since 2012) regularly. Like everyone else that has ever traded, he has had many ups and downs, but has remained solvent throughout his trading career. By nature, he is a scalper and looks for those fast moving trades. Over time, he has become more patient and diligent to allow for more flexibility in his trading. He uses a combination of consolidation techniques (inside candles) with technical analysis for his setups. He has always had a passion to help others and to put others before himself and with the creation of this site and service, he hopes to continue to do just that. Many traders fail because they think it is a "get rich quick" industry when it is the complete opposite. Get to know Options Locator on a more personal level and see what his mentorship can do for your trading by signing up today!

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