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Daily Setups for 10/27/2021

Earnings before the open today


$CLX didn't quite trigger our outside day continuation move, but looking at the outside to inside day up move here now and thru that DTL for a move higher here toward last week's high of $163.24 then $165+ via the 11/19 165c

$DDOG nice outside day hammer with some late day sweeps on it yesterday and has a virtual investor meeting at the open today, so we could see a nice pop as they continue to push this channel upward. Over $165.50 will be looking at the 11/19 175c

$SAVA would like to see them take this downward channel up over $50 and then $52.64 to confirm a reversal. Target of some investigations lately, but should be a good short-term mover once they clear $50 with the 11/19 50c or 55c

$GME would like to see them take this downward move up over $185 and breakout over the DTL and then push over $190-$192.18 for a run back to $200 with the 11/19 200c if it can really get going, keep an eye on it as $170 continues to hold

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