Profit Over Greed Daily Setups for 12/7

$AFRM nice bullish outside day as it held the open gap test today and will be looking for a move over $115 to confirm the reversal and make the bullish case we are looking for with short-term swing play with the 12/17 120c or 1/21 140c or 150c

$AMAT nice retest of the old breakout spot of $146 (old ATH) and will be eyeing that move over $148.36 to get us to $150-$150.74 and then $151.98 with the 12/17 150c for nice swing into next week as long as $146 continues to hold well as support

$BB outside to inside day with a nice look over $9.10 after making a new lower low and giving us a nice broadening formation and would be looking at some LEAP's here January 2023 10c here on the breakout

$DDOG inside day hammer after they have closed that gap last week and looking for a strong reversal here now over $163.55 with the 12/17 170c for a swing into next week if $160 continues to hold as support . Targeting $168.08-$170+

$DOCU simply looking at playing it to the gap entry level at $155.40 over $146.06 as $141.43 has been monthly support and is holding that level well and looking at the 12/17 155c if we get the inside day up confirmation move

$MSFT inside day hammer as they continue to hold that gap below and not give in to it and would like to see this one move over $327.50 area with target spots of $332.70, $333.49, and $339.28 with the 12/17 335c

$NFLX this one has been fairly quiet lately and I am liking this broadening formation it has going on here with the outside to inside day action as well as they look to hold $600 as mental support and eyeing the 12/17 650c over $617 area

$PINS when you zoom out, you have a massive broadening formation and price touched the bottom of it today and then went bullish outside day. Looking for continuation over $38.26 here with the 1/21 40c for swing into the New Year



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