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Profit Over Greed Daily Setups for 12/8

$ABBV inside day following our weekly setup breakout yesterday and right at that $122 spot of resistance and needing back over it and $122.45 to test the current highs of $125.86 and would be looking at the 1/21 125c on a breakout back over $122

$AMD has been acting quite well here with back to back hammers on the daily chart and putting in a new lower low to form this broadening formation and over $145-$145.76 and I will be looking for a swing with the 1/21 155c or 12/17 150c

$AMGN triggered out of the DTL for us finally yesterday and now looking for further continuation here over $213 area to run up to $215-$215.50 and then $219.92 with the 12/17 215c on the breakout over $213

$KSS inside day spinning top following the daily shooter and will wait for the breakout over $53.07 here to confirm any upside move targeting a move to $55.07 as it currently forms an inside week and liking the 1/21 55c for a swing on the breakout

$MRVL looking for the power earnings gap continuation here with a $100 magnet in its sights here after putting in a strong daily move here and over $92 I am interested in longer-term swing for that magnet play with the 1/21 95c or 100c or even Feb. calls



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