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Profit Over Greed Weekly Setups for 10/18-10/22

(On vacation this week)

$AAPL strong reversal on the weekly after putting in new lower lows and looking for a strong move over $145 this week and get that pre-earnings run up to $147.47+ with the 11/19 145c on a breakout for a swing into earnings

$ABBV not liking the close on Friday with that shooter, but will be looking for a move over $110.26 to roll things up this week and then $111.79 and see if we can clear $112 to confirm a reversal with the 11/19 110c

$BA after failing to take the DTL and gap this past week and reversing hard I'm looking for it to either go inside week or downside continuation into earnings with the 11/19 210p on a confirmed breakdown of $216

$CAT liking how it is showing signs of a reversal here with a push back to $200 and will be looking for a confirmed breakout over $200 and then $201.99 as it also tries to push into earnings with the 11/19 210c

$CHWY that $64.09 spot remains a long-term level across the board and it is right back there with the outside day on Friday and would love to see a move back over $65 this week and the upper part of the channel with the 11/19 65c

$DLTR double inside week action looking for $100 once again and then push up over $100.25 and $101.43 to re-enter that gap and start closing the remaining gap to $105.02 with the 11/19 100c

$EBAY very tight here on the weekly and daily as it goes outside to inside day and inside week with a breakout over the DTL or $75.50 area with the 11/19 75c as long as it can continue to hold $74.20 with a small gap below as well

$JMIA would love to see a bigger move out of the DTL here on a long-term scale with some commons with a potential stop around $17 for a swing play or with the 11/19 20c if it can clear and confirm $19.50

$MRK we are about 2/3's through the gap fill here with an outside to inside day shooter and under $77.98 will be looking for them to continue filling that gap down to $76.65 with the 11/19 75p

$PINS outside to inside day action looking for a move back over $53.40 here and take the middle of the broadening formation up to $55+ this week working toward the gap at $61 with the 11/19 55c or 1/21 60c for a longer swing

$PTON pretty tight action here since that 10/7 candle as it has collectively been inside that candle here and cut and dry for me here, over $88.50 and I am long the 11/19 90c or short under $84.42 with the 11/19 85p

$PYPL nice large broadening formation here with a nice weekly candle last week and hammer on the daily to close out the week and looking for a move over $270 here to roll things this week with the 11/19 280c

$RBLX strong outside day on Friday and mentioned that in chat early and now I am looking for a move over $77.21 and target $78.21 and $79.58 this week on continuation confirmation with the 11/19 80c

$SQ has a small gap above here around $253 and bullish inside week looking good ahead of earnings and over $253 I would look for that gap to get filled and push higher with the 11/19 280c for a swing into earnings

$UBER they retested that $45.21 old resistance and since became support and now we are looking to clear $48.88 and then run to and thru $49.29 for that run back to the $50+ with the 11/19 50c for a swing as long as $48 holds



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