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Profit Over Greed Weekly Setups for 11/1-11/5

Updated: Nov 1, 2021

Earnings for the week


$AMAT inside week with an inside day here and will be looking for that breakout over $138 this week and move up to $140-$141.56 as initial target spots with the 11/19 140c or 12/17 145c for a further swing

$DDD double inside day off the outside day ahead of earnings in a rising upward channel and as long as it can hold that bottom part of the channel looking at the 11/19 30c on the double inside day up move

$FUBO has been great to us since our breakout over $24.62 and again at $25.89 and now it has paused with the inside week here on an outside month. Looking for that solid push over $30 ahead of earnings with the 11/19 30c

$LLY great move post earnings and also went inside month for the month of October and would like to see a solid push over $256.75 here this week to then go inside month up over $260.99 with the 11/19 260c

$LUV inside this large broadening formation on the inside day action and after making a new lower low here, would like to see a reversal here over $47.43 for a potential swing play with the 12/17 50c. Be mindful of the "weather" outages over the weekend here too.

$M they ended up holding support at $25.46 this week and would like to see a move out of the DTL this week and test the prior weeks high of $28.41 with the 12/17 28c for a potential swing into earnings soon

$MA new lower lows off earnings here and nice bullish inside day and over $338.15 would like to see them push it back over $340 and work up to that open gap around $350 with the 11/19 340c

$MARA continues to look decent here and gave an inside week spinning top, but looking for that DTL breakout to confirm and maybe get a #Bitcoin move to help it move along with the 11/19 55c

$MCD I like the move post earnings and then the outside day it closed with to end the week last week and over $246 would like to see them get a $250 tag finally with it with the 12/17 250c

$PG I am liking this for a strong up move this week if it can clear that DTL/$144 area with the 12/17 145c for a potential swing here targeting $144.87, $146.28, & $147.23

$SOFI double inside day on an inside week, we are surely to get something worthwhile out of it this week. Over $20.20 and I would look at an upward move to $21-$21.78 with the 11/19 21c or January 25c to swing

$SPOT really nice move post earnings and nice inside day to pause after the earnings move. Would be looking for a move back to $300 this week over $293.32 and targeting at least $300.94 with the 11/19 300c

$TXN decent earnings drop that was oversold and has already started getting bought back up here. Over $188.52 and I want to test the open gap around $190 and would like to see $191.62 this week at least with the 11/19 190c

$WMT has been rather decent as of late and I like the pause here around $150 on the outside day to close the week. Over $150-$150.55 this week and I like it for a strong move into the holiday season with the 11/19 150c or 12/17 155c

$ZM has been rather quiet as of late and had a narrow ranged month for October as it was tight all month. Inside day action here and over $278.26 would be looking for $280-$286.66+ with the 11/19 290c



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