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Profit Over Greed Weekly Setups for 11/15-11/19

Updated: Nov 16, 2021

Weekly Earnings Calendar:

Weekly Economic Calendar:

$ABBV never triggered for us last week, so it went inside this week and over $117.72 will be looking to take the inside week up for a swing into next month as it continues to confirm the inside month up with the 12/17 120c

$ATVI triggered that gap entry for us on Friday with that alert and going into the holiday season this one makes sense over $70 for a swing for partial or complete gap fill with a swing on the 12/17 70c or 1/21 70c

$BA continues to be in the weekly down trend on the descending triangle as it held that small gap below all week and will be looking for a breakout over $225 this week on confirmation for a longer-term swing with the 1/21 250c

$CRM outside week doji candle with earnings soon and holding that $300 level well and will be looking for a run into earnings here over $308 targeting $311.75 then new highs with the 12/17 330c for possible swing into earnings

$CVS decent action post earnings, but not the greatest. They are holding that gap though which gives me a bullish case on it for now and over $95.34 will be looking for $96.57 and then an ultimate $100 magnet with the 1/21 100c

$DOCS heavy volume coming in here post earnings and continue to hold that small open gap below and at a nice breakout spot here over $76.88 for a targeted move to $80+ this week with the 12/17 80c for moves to $81.30-91.80

$FB acting very well here off that inside day up action on Friday and will be looking for continuation off that ramp with an inside hammer on the week with a breakout over $342 targeting $347-$350 this week via the 12/17 365c

$GPS triple inside day on an inside week with earnings soon and thru the small DTL there will be looking at $25.65 as a target spot with the 12/17 25c and then $26.12 as a next target for small ramp this week ahead of earnings

$IWM double inside day action after breaking out of that monthly consolidation earlier this month and over $240.38 will be looking at the 12/17 245c and under $236.31 will be looking at the 12/17 235p if they can't hold it up

$MSFT inside week that continues to look great and make nATH's here and over $337.23 will be looking for more of that this week over $338.79 for a move to $340 and then $350 with the 12/17 350c for swing play on strength

$OSTK came back to weekly support here at $102.95 and held up well there and now will be looking for a move to $105 and $108.90 this week and then $112.30 on a confirmed move over $110 with the 12/17 110c

$PYPL seeing some bull betting to end the week last week on back to back outside days and held $200 post earnings. Gap above and over $210.02 will look for an entry targeting $212.40, $215, $220, $224.60 with the 1/21 250c for a swing

$SQ double inside day action and overall it looks rather weak to be honest. Cut and dry here for me though, over $231.22 and we look long with the 12/17 250c and short under $225.25 with the 12/17 200p on weakness

$UPST double inside day action as it holds $250 as an important level with decent sized gap above here. On gap entry would target $281.13, $300, and $307.86 with the 12/17 350c if they take it into that gap on strength

$WYNN casinos have been doing well lately and this one needs to finish filling its gap and will be looking at entry over $95.42 to target $98.60 with the 12/17 100c or the 1/21 100c for more time on this one



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