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Profit Over Greed Weekly Setups for 11/22-11/26

Good morning & Happy Sunday! Charts have been posted for the weekly setups and I cut them back by just a few because of the shortened holiday week. Let's have a great week this week and go into the holiday thankful for all!

$AFRM outside to inside week post earnings and things not looking to awful good here IMO and things dying off with this name, but under $135 will be looking at a short with the 12/17 125p or over $145 long with the 12/17 150c

$AMC had that inside shooter and down move for a nice short last week and now it goes inside week shooter. Potential to go outside month down under $34.53 but for now looking at a short under $40 with the 12/17 36p if $40 loses support

$BIGC looking for continued gap fill here on weakness with this one under $48.85 down to $46.12 to fill that gap with the 12/17 45p with longer-term targets of $43.90 and $42.17.

$BYND bearish inside week with an inside day shooter to close out the week post earnings with a good amount of weakness here and will be looking for further weakness this week with the 12/17 75p for a short-term swing under $76.87

$GME seeing some good action here recently and took the inside day up on Friday for a nice bullish candle to close out the week. Saw some flow on the 12/17 500c last week and will be looking at those further over $230-$231.44 this week

$JNJ small broadening formation here that looks good with a hammer to close things out on the daily last week and over $163.19 will be looking at the 12/17 165c for a short-term swing targeting $165-$167.62+ as long as $162 area holds up

$MCD double inside week on this one and we caught the nATH move on it a few weeks ago and now looking for more thru the DTL as $250 seems to be holding as support and looking at the January 260c for swing into next year

$NIO inside day action here as $38 area seems to be holding at the moment as support and over $39.10 will be looking at short-term swing play with the 12/17 40c as $40 looks to be a congested area here that will need a push

$SKIN prime setup here to make new highs off the inside week action post earnings and over $28.80 will be looking to swing the January 30c as we target $29.66 and $30.17+ on strength. I like how it got bought up post earnings here.

$TGT bearish outside week with an inside day shooter as the bottom part of the broadening formation and needing to hold $250 as support. If we lose $250 then looking at the 12/17 245p and if it holds then the 12/17 255c

$TXN triple inside week and a clearance of $195.43 will take things up here and make that run back to $200-$202.26 and will be looking at the 12/17 200c in the process here if we see good strength and confirmation over $195.43



Earnings for the week:


Economic Calendar for the week:

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