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Profit Over Greed Weekly Setups for 11/29-12/3

Will be somewhat cautious this week as there are continued unconfirmed reports coming out of South Africa and the "new variant" and I believe Friday's selloff was an overreaction. We have that mess to deal with and navigate this week as well as the end of the month and beginning of the last month of the year, so the first few days this week will be interesting.

$AFRM good short for us last week on the inside week down move, but then put in a weekly hammer to hold itself up and will be looking for a reversal this week with the 12/17 150c on a breakout over $139.13 targeting $159.40+ this week

$BABA my line in the sand has been $129.83 for support and it for the short-term it is holding. See if we can push over $134 this week for a reversal to the upside for a move to $140 with the 12/17 140c after making a new lower low

$BIGC was on the list last week for a good short to finish filling that gap and it did just that for us. Now it has put in a nice weekly hammer and looking for that reversal this week off of it with the 12/17 50c on confirmed breakout of $50

$BILI outside to inside week post earnings with a large gap above and on any strength over $70 will look to test that gap at $73.46 with the 12/17 75c or on any weakness under $65 will look short via the 12/17 65p

$BROS after a bunch of consecutive red days, it is now moving sideways and looking to ramp up here over $55-$56.20 with the 12/17 60c if it can confirm an upside move, would look for $60-$63.81 as initial target spots

$CSCO seeing some action on this one, not a fan of than inverted hammer on Friday but will be looking for a move over $55.75 to trigger our weekly up move with the 1/21 55c and finish closing that earnings gap for a short-term swing

$HTZ another one seeing an uptick in volume and bull bets here and the line in the sand for me is $25 to get this one up and moving here with that gap above and liking a move to $27.18 and then test the gap with the 12/17 25c

$LCID inside week spinning top can go either way this week as it has held $50 well so far and under $49.41 will be looking at the 12/17 50p and over $52.37 will be looking for a move to $55-$57.75+ with the 12/17 55c for a run at ATH's

$PLBY double inside day on an inside week with a small gap below that is being tested already. Seeing some buying in this one as well and if they continue to hold the gap and push over $37 will look to take the 12/17 40c

$SQ was good to us a few weeks ago off the double inside day up move but has since bottomed out in the short-term. Wouldn't be surprised if we see $200 but on an inside day up move liking the 12/17 220c or 12/17 200p on a inside & down move

$U double inside day inside this small broadening formation and will be looking for upside action over $181.12 targeting a move to $187.02 if it can push it with the 12/17 200c and then would target $195.35 and $200

$WMT was acting rather well last week but then Friday along with the rest of the market it took a turn. Still gave us an inside week, so if it can push back over $145 & $146.50 area then would look to swing the 1/21 150c on strength

$ZEN double inside day on a hammer week after making a new lower low and forming this broadening formation with a gap above that once $100 is reclaimed can get filled quickly after this downturn and will be looking at the 12/17 100c here

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