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Profit Over Greed Weekly Setups for 11/8-11/12

Earnings for the week


Weekly Setups:

$AAPL liking the recovery it had post earnings and went inside week last week and will be looking for a move out of the DTL and over $153.17 to see if we can run higher this week if $150 holds with the 12/17 155c for a swing

$ABBV continuing to like how it is holding up and has recovered since that large drop awhile back, over $117.69 and I will be looking for a move to $120-$122 this week with the 12/17 120c for a potential swing on strength

$AMGN double inside day action here, but will wait for the $220 breakout to confirm any upside action and over that spot will look to take the 12/17 220c and would like to then see a push over $225-$227.19

$CAT not too excited about the shooter to close the week on Friday but liking the inside week and inside month action and if they take the weekly up then they take the month up and looking at the 12/17 220c for a swing there

$CVX has been in a rising channel here and I continue to like it as it goes for taking out the January 2020 highs soon and liking the inside week hammer here for more upside action with the 12/17 115c over $115

$DG no surprise it went inside day after it wasn't able to penetrate the gap last week, but will be looking for a gap fill this week over $228.25 with the 11/19 230c for a swing into next week targeting $230 and $232.67+

$JMIA has earnings soon but has really been trying to breakout and just hasn't quite done so yet. Over $19.55 and will be looking at a move to $20+ for that ramp into earnings with the 12/17 20c as long as $18 holds up

$JPM banks seem weak here post FOMC and looking for the weakness to continue here on this one under $166.50 with the 12/17 165p this week with targets of $165.91, $164.14, $163.83 initially

$LYFT had a good report and then they held the gap as well as moved up on $UBER earnings but will be looking for continuation over $54 and targeting a short-term to $55-$56.70 this week with the 12/17 55c

$PINS between earnings and the $PYPL drama, this one looks oversold to me here and liking the new lower lows it has put in, but looking for a reversal over $47 this week to $50-$51.39 to the gap with the 12/17 50c

$TLRY it is that time of year where the wellness names start to get their mojo back and run for a few months. I like this falling wedge it has on the daily here and over $11-$11.29 will look at a longer-term swing with the 2/18 11c

$TWLO not surprised it went inside week and into the gap this week and now going inside day and needing to get over the pivot spot of $316.63 and would be looking for a move over $320 this week via the 12/17 350c for potential swing on strength

$UBER there along with $LYFT this week but will be waiting for a breakout over a pivot spot of $49.29 after holding support off the gap below and $45 recently and looking at the 12/17 50c for a swing play over $49 and targeting $50-$51.03 short-term

$WBA acting well recently, but on a larger scale we are stuck inside the weekly still from 10/11 and will be looking to get out of that this week over on moves over $50.35, $50.87, $51.93 with the 1/21 52.5c for swing into next year

$ZEN inside week gap play here this week over $105.21 will look to take the 12/17 105c if $100 holds as support as I like how they reclaimed that level and used it as support this past week and short-term target of $109.55 this week



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