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Profit Over Greed Weekly Setups for 12/13-12/17

Updated: Dec 14, 2021

$AMC has been extremely weak as of late and then there has been a lot of insider selling and other things going on, looking like a good short on the inside week shooter with the 1/21 25p for a short-term swing down into next year

$ATVI liking the action on the inside week and the hammer on the daily to end the week and over $60 will be looking for a move to $60.95 and $62.92 with the 1/21 60c into the gaming holiday season

$DLTR double inside week with a bull bet being placed on this one long term on Friday and liking the rising channel it is in on those double inside weeks and over $142 will be targeting $143.80-$149.37 with the 1/21 150c

$FB continues to use the bottom of the broadening formation as support and nice bounce off of it and $300 and now looking for a move over $336.13 this week and targeting a quick move to $340.67 and $353.83 on strength with the 1/21 350c

$HON small gap above here that can quickly get filled on a push and over $210 will be looking at the 1/21 210c for the move this week as it found support off the broadening formation lows and $200 for good mental support

$JD inside day doji with an inside week after making some new lower lows and looking for a solid push over $81 this week to confirm the recovery of $80 and the support off $75 last week. Watch any China news with this one as well.

$KSS nice outside bullish day to close the inside week last week and will continue to wait for the breakout over $53.07 before getting in on this action with the 1/21 55c for a swing into a target spot of $55.07

$NUE sitting right here in the middle of the broadening formation around $115 and once it gets cleared it can run to $117 and $120-$122.06 this week on strength with the 1/21 120c as long as $110 continues to hold it up

$PDD some very narrow ranges on the daily candles the last few days and will be looking for the inside week up move $65.27 this week targeting a move to $70-$72.38 with the 1/21 70c and another China name to pay attention to.

$UBER looking weak with the inside week shooter and would like to see them test the prior week's low once it breaches $36.61 and would target that low of $35.26 with the 1/21 35p on continued weakness this week

$WMT on the list for the third week in a row here, but worked well last week and closed the week off strong with that bullish day on Friday. The old faithful boomer stocks making a comeback and looking for a breakout over $141.48 with the 1/21 145c

Weekly Calls:

Weekly Puts:

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