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Profit Over Greed Weekly Setups for 12/20-12/23

$ADSK inside week with an outside bullish day to close off the week last week and looking for a move over $280 to get into the gap and close it this week with the 1/21 300c for a potential swing to close that gap on strength

$AMC we were able to catch the downside move last week and then it put in a nice green hammer on the weekly after holding support off $20.36 and looking for a move over $30.71 to $35+ with the 1/21 35c

$APPS outside to inside week and has been in a serious downtrend lately but sideways action here leads me to believe we take it up here over $56-$58.88 to $60+ this week with the 1/21 60c

$ARKK has not been a good year for this one but they bought it up last week and looking for continuation this week over $97.51 to $100-$104 with the 1/21 100c for a swing if that strength continues to build and hold

$BABA double inside week and looking for it to hold $118 and push thru the DTL or $125 area with the 1/21 130c targeting a move to $129.45+ this week, will see if there is any China news to impact it this week

$BYND getting very close to the IPO low and well their highs. News comes and goes on this one and doesn't help it really, but looking for a move over $70.58 this week to $75.49 as long as $62 holds

$EXPE seeing some flow on this one last week and had a nice bullish outside day on Friday to close things out and over $161.52 would look to get some strength here and get in the 1/21 175c for a targeted move to $174.60+

$LAZR liking the inside week hammer on this one and over $16.37 would look to get in the 1/21 17.5c following the nice outside bullish day it had Friday after making some new lower lows recently

$PINS this name continues to disappoint ever since the false claim of $PYPL buying them out but nice weekly hammer after riding the bottom of the broadening formation, over $37.50 area and would long with the 1/21 40c

$PLTR nice small broadening formation here and over $19.12 would look to go long with the 1/21 20c targeting a move to $20.15+ this week after making a nice lower low and giving us a nice green weekly hammer

$UBER another one that we caught the downside action on and then reversed course and we caught it the other direction and put in a nice weekly candle and outside day. Looking at the 1/21 40c on a continued breakout



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