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Profit Over Greed Weekly Setups for 12/27-12/31

$ABNB very bullish inside week action this past week and nice hammer on the daily to close things out last week and looking for a strong move over $172 for a target run to $180 and $187.50 with the 1/21 185c for a potential swing into the New Year

$AMZN inside week with an inside day and over $3441 would be looking at a breakout to target $3483.32 and then $3549.99 with the 1/21 4000c. I know they are far OTM, but they can move when the stock decides to go for good returns.

$DOCU took the double inside week up on the green weekly hammer, but is still a compound inside bar and will be looking for a breakout over $158.63 to get back into the gap at $163.77 with the 1/21 170c if they can push it further into the gap

$FDX we had it last week on the double inside day up action as it then went inside week and will continue to see if it can push over $256 area here and target a move to $260.50+ with the 1/21 260c

$FSLY has been good to us in 2021 and will be looking for it to once again be kind to us as we close out the year and it is very tight on the double inside week and over the daily hammer ($40 spot & DTL) will be looking at the 1/21 40c or 45c for a swing to $44.08

$FUBO we were able to catch the move off the $24 area back in October and now it looks to have put in a new lower low to form a nice broadening formation here off $15 and will be looking at the $18 breakout for a possible squeeze play with the 1/21 19c

$HOOD has been beaten and then beaten some more, but looking for a temporary bottom play here off $17 and looking for a breakout over $19.37 with the 1/21 20c for short-term target move to $23.74+

$LCID double inside week and sorta just hanging out at the moment and over $40.45 and will be looking at the 1/21 40c for a swing or under $36.75 and will be looking at the 1/21 35p targeting a move to $35.80 or lower

$MSFT outside to inside week with a broadening formation here and over $336.76 will be looking for that move to $340 and $343.79+ with the 1/21 345c or 350c depending as it has once again held that gap below well

$QS with clear support around the $22 spot giving a head and shoulders pattern and will see if that $22 spot continues to hold or if the neckline gets broken for a short or if we go long over $25.35 with the 1/21 25c

$SNAP they continue to ride the bottom part of the broadening formation well but look to be reversing course here now and over $49.07 would like to see a confirmed push over $50 with the 1/21 50c for a short-term target of $54.89

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