Profit Over Greed Weekly Setups for 12/6-12/10

$ABBV given the week that we just had, this one was very strong all week and even better on Friday. Outside to inside week here and eyeing that move to $120, $121.53, $122+ with the 1/21 120c for a swing if we get good continuation this week

$BA has been as up and down lately as a plane and needs to clear $200 here to have a bullish case after putting in a new lower low. Would be looking at the 1/21 220c on a confirmed clearance of $200 to test the gap at $204.28

$BMY liking the green weekly hammer it has put in here after making a new lower low and over $56.73 I would be looking at the 1/21 57.5c targeting a move to $58.32-$60.06 as it has an increase in volume here and looking great for a swing

$CRM didn't quite trigger our inside day up move last week, but holding steady here and over $262.58 I continue to like it as it continued to hold the $250 area even on the selloff this week, looking at the 1/21 280c for potential gap entry

$CVX oil prices not really impacting this one the way you might think it would and liking the double inside week action here so it could be setting up a big move in either direction here so be ready with the 1/21 120c or 105p

$FDX earnings on the 16th with a tiny gap here over $241.59 to $243.56 and will be looking for that fill plus a move to $250-$251.10 this week on a pre-earnings/holiday run with the 12/17 250c on a good confirmed breakout

$INTC continuing to like how they are consolidating this one around $48 and is looking primed for a big breakout over the DTL and get into that gap once again with the 1/21 50c for a move to $50.85-$52 for a swing

$MA nice hammer on the daily and the weekly and over $322.69 will be eyeing more upside action to $330-$331.82 with the 1/21 350c for a longer-term target of $341.48 after making some new lower lows, looking for a nice reversal this week

$PTON riding the bike of death lately it seems, a far cry from their highs of 2020 and approaching their lows of 2020. Inside week with an outside day to close things off. Under $42 looking short with the 1/21 40p or long over $47 with the 1/21 50c

$WMT took the inside week down last week, but held up very well on Friday and put in a nice bullish inside day. Seeing some bull flow into it as well and looking for a good swing here into the holiday shopping season with the 1/21 140c

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