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Setups for 11/17/2021

Earnings before the open


$ASO looking for that push to $50 here as it continues to make nATH's here and remains very strong and would like to see it continue that push into the holiday season here over $48.44 with the 12/17 50c or 1/21 50c

$CVNA trying to hold onto $300 here after putting in some new lower lows off earnings and looking to push over $307.11-$309.50 then a short-term move to $316.91 with the 12/17 330c or 340c if $300 remains strong as support

$DDOG outside bearish day to inside bullish day (my favorite) and over $195 spot and we can test the current highs of $197.69 and then get us that $200 magnet that we are looking for with the 11/19 195c or 200c om a confirmed breakout

$IBM remaining very weak across the board and on it's 5th red week in a row here and giving an inside day shooter that looks weak under $118.31 targeting a move down to $117.36 and $115.89 with the 12/17 115p

$OXY nice broadening formation here on the outside day to inside day and over $32.35 will be looking at continuation off the bullish outside day with either the January 33c or 35c for a swing play

$PYPL on our weekly setups list from Sunday and into the gap and retest of the gap resistance today which became support on the nice hammer and looking for more gap fill this week with the 12/17 230c over $216

$ROKU forming an inside week and extremely tight action here and over $280 will be looking for it to come out of the downtrend channel there a bit targeting $285.63 and $290.37 short-term with the 12/17 300c

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