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Setups for 11/18/2021

$ABBV continues to tease us here, but looking better and better here and over $118 we can roll up higher to that $120 area and then $121.53-$122 with the 12/17 120c or the 1/21 120c for more time and a better swing play

$AMC inside day shooter that looks weak even though it has been seeing flow as it forms an inside week. Under $42 will be looking at a short play to $40 and $37.50 area on weakness with the 12/17 40p

$DLTR gap up early in the week making new highs and getting that pre-earnings run going on here and would like to see that move to $135 here with the 12/17 135c if they hold $130 and get continuation going here on it

$HLT nice bullish outside day here after making some new lower lows and would like to see a breakout over $145 area to confirm this move with the 12/17 145c or 150c as it looks to bounce off good support of $140 here so far

$NKE inside day doji as it forms a double inside week and as it continues to pause after we caught that run to ATH's. Over $173 area and will be looking for another swing play on it with the 12/17 175c targeting $175-$176.54

$ORCL we caught that breakout on Monday Tuesday with this one and now we are looking for more as it takes a short breather here and over $96 will be looking for further upside action with the 1/21 100c for a swing to that $100 magnet

$SBUX saw some small flow on it recently and it is getting tight here on the inside week it is forming and over $113 will be looking for and upside move to $115-$117.47 with the 12/17 115c or the 1/21 115c for a further out swing

$SWBI liking that inside day hammer and looking for more upside action here on the longer-term side of things and the 1/21 25c are looking great here for a good swing play into the New Year



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