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Setups for 11/2/2021

Earnings before the open tomorrow


$AMD very strong outside day off the clowngrade and over $125.67 we can see $128.08 and go outside week with the 11/19 130c for a small swing play targeting $130+ on the confirmed move over $128.08

$BYND I like the hammer it put in on the daily and looking for that reconfirmed move over $100 as it continues to hover around it. Earnings soon so looking for a pre-earnings run to close the gap with the 11/19 100c or 105c

$FUTU double inside day (9% day too lol) and large gap there from last week and want to see a strong move into it and over $60 with the 11/19 60c or 63c or even the 12/17 70c for a potential swing play if we confirm that gap

$LVS with a strong close along with other casinos and needs to finish filling that gap this week as long as $41 continues to hold and will be looking for a gap close this week with a swing on the 01/21/22 45c

$NIO mentioned it in the chat early about it possibly going outside day and it did. Now will be looking for continuation and possible outside week if we get a push over $41 with the 12/17 45c for a swing into earnings but not hold thru them

$NVDA continues to push since taking the double inside day up last week and at this rate might see $300 prior to earnings but over $259 and I am interested in the 11/19 270c for a day trade or small swing play

$TDOC double inside day as it continues to pause post earnings here and would like to see that push over $153.17 this week and then run up to $155-$156.78 with the 11/19 155c or 160c on double inside day up action



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