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Setups for 11/3/2021

Earnings before the open


Setups I like but decided to not go with include: $CCL $CZR $DPZ $GILD $IRBT $MGM $PZZA
So keep an eye on them today as well.

$AA outside to inside day with a small gap above after making a new lower low and is starting a reversal on the weekly after wicking out last week's low. Like it for the gap fill play and then some past $50 with the 12/17 50c for a swing play

$BYND same thesis as before here: Liking the hammer it put in on the daily and looking for that reconfirmed move over $100 as it continues to hover around it. Earnings soon so looking for a pre-earnings run to close the gap with the 11/19 100c or 105c

$CAT very nice outside day here as it forms an inside week still, but liking it over the $208 area with a move to target $209.75+ this week and get over $210 with the 11/19 210c for short-term swing play into next week

$FDX double inside day action in a narrow range after starting to fill that gap last week but hasn't done anything with it. Would like to see a DTL breakout on double inside up move to work past $240-$241.29 with the 11/19 240c

$LVS same thesis as before: Needs to finish filling that gap this week as long as $41 continues to hold and will be looking for a gap close this week with a swing on the 01/21/22 45c

$MU really like this one coming out of the falling wedge here and setting back up over $70 for a longer-term breakout. Confirm it over $71-$71.12 and I am looking to swing some 12/17 75c into next month as long as it continues to grind up

$NKE had some metaverse news yesterday and it seemed to bode well for it, so looking to run with it over $168.16 here and looking for a move to $170 with the 12/17 175c for a potential swing after being good to us since $145-$148



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