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Setups for 11/5/2021

$BIIB coming out of the downward channel and trying to confirm the move over $280 here and looking at a reversal on the monthly after finding some good support and the daily hammer looking good. Looking at the 11/19 300c on a breakout

$DIS very quiet as of late and has that feeling something is brewing here with this one. New lower lows happening, but trying to hold them up as it goes inside week here. Earnings next week, but over $171.25 will look at the 11/19 175c into earnings

$INTC will be looking at a LEAP's play here with this one with that large gap there and liking the hold of $50 this week on the weekly reversal and over $50.55 with confirmed gap entry will be looking at the 6/17/22 55c for starter swing

$MU I like how it acted today after retesting last week's high and then went inside 60 up off it to go green on the next 4 60's to end the day on a hammer still above the DTL. Over $72.60-$73 area and will be looking at a longer-term swing via the 1/21/22 75c

$ORCL would love to see $100 soon on this one since breaking out for us awhile back and now looking for a $97 breakout and thru the DTL for that run at $98.95-$100 with the 12/17 100c

$SFIX one of our setups a few weeks ago and continuing to look good for a swing play into the holidays with the 12/17 40c or even the 1/21 40c to buy some time and help absorb any downside action with $31.50-$32 holding as support

Friday morning earnings


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