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Setups for 11/9/2021

Earnings before the open tomorrow


$AAPL still valid from our weekly setup, but looking to go the other direction here off the inside day action. Will be looking for a breakdown of $150 to take things lower as things are extended and targeting $147.80 this week on weakness via the 12/17 145p

$CHWY double inside day action and taking quite the break since the large ramp last week. Still looking for that gap entry above and over $76.54 will look at taking the 12/17 80c for a swing into next month with $75 holding

$DOCU liking how it has put in some new lower lows here recently but looking to rebound and push over $276 here with a tiny gap above and targeting $280, $285, $288.14+ with the 11/19 280c or 285c into next week

$ETSY really nice move on earnings but nothing since then and now has went double inside day. If they push it over $271 then I will look for them to push it over $280-$283.40 with an ultimate $300 magnet with the 11/19 280c or 12/17 300c

$JWN pure gap play here with them taking it inside day here as it pauses before launching and closing that gap. Confirmed gap entry and I will look to swing the 12/17 35c for them to close that gap

$MRNA liking how they held it up okay today and has a few open gaps here, risky with any vaccine news but can be a good day trade into the gap here on the 12/17 300c or the weekly 250c if you want a heavy risk (don't advise it)

$QCOM very nice action here post earnings and we still have the swing on with the 11/19 155c (currently up 125%) will now be looking to swing the 12/17 175c on a push over $168 and continue to push it to nATH's

$SNAP posted this one earlier today, but liking the recent "bottom" it appears to be putting in and has that large gap there and over $55.23 will be looking at a longer-term swing play via the 1/21 60c to get us to that gap

$UPS still inside that downward channel here and giving us an inside day hammer that looks good over $210 to swing some 12/17 220c targeting $214.86-$220.24 if they can finish holding what gap is left there

$V I like that gap above here and will see if it plays off the $PYPL earnings at all, but over $221.61-$222 and we can test that gap quickly to $225 with some 12/17 225c or 230c and if it has strength and pushes the gap, then will look to swing some



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