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Join Our Team

  • Weekly Setups on Sunday

  • Daily Charts Monday-Thursday

  • Private Discord

  • Private Twitter Alerts

  • Daily Watchlists

  • Morning Trade Plans

  • Automated Inside 60's

  • Automated Inside 30's

  • Automated Inside 15's

  • Automated Gap Entry Alerts

  • Automated Breakout Alerts

  • Educational Content Posts

  • Options Algo Trade Alerts*

  • Daily Call and Put Option List*

  • Daily Inside/Outside Day Setups

  • Real-time News & Breaking News

  • A Real Community Chatroom

  • Social Sentiment Swing Plays

  • Social Sentiment Earnings Plays

  • ETH Crypto Algo 

  • Tradytics AI and Data Analytics

  • And Much More!

  • Message for Semi-Annual & Annual Plans

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Who is this service not for?

The trader who is trying to get rich quickly. Trading is a business and having the mindset of getting “rich quick” will lead to you blowing up your account. Everyday is a grind that will add up, but be realistic in your approach. Roughly 250 trading days in a year, just a few hundred dollars a day adds up


The trader who doesn’t want to learn anything and only follow trade alerts. This is not an alert service, but rather a setup/content service. We want you to take the setups that are provided and apply them to your trading style and methods for your account size. We want you to be able to learn how to find these set-ups on your own and profit independently.


The trader who needs to be in a trade every second. Always needing to be in a trade is nothing more than an addiction and that is not what we are about. We focus on quality over quantity and there are days where there may not be any trades taken if the setup isn’t there. 


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